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Our bodies naturally create a solution to keep our knees and other joints lubricated. However, the degenerative process of osteoarthritis reduces the ability of this natural lubricant to protect the knees. Consequently you may experience reduced mobility and increasing pain.”Our injectors use the FDA approved treatment Hyalgan, and it is covered (or paid for) by Medicare and most insurances.”

Knee Pain Treatment Texas Knee Pain Clinic Knee Pain Treatment

When injected into the knee, the Hyalgan solution helps to cushion and lubricate the knee joint, nourishing the cartilage cells for natural pain relief as it decreases the inflammation process. This solution will help the restoration for normal functions of the joint to, including its natural lubrication, thus patients experience less pain and are able to enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Most of the people that visit the Knee Pain Clinic for evaluation and treatment have already tried various forms of these treatments. Since they no longer benefit from these previous attempts, they are ready to try something different such as a cortisone shot or a series of Hyalgan injections.


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